How To Redo Your Bathroom Vanity?


All at once or over time, redo your vanity in an order that makes sense. Out with the Old By disconnecting the plumbing, loosening the clamps holding it in place, and cutting the caulk around a sink, you’re ready to lift it out to replace an old countertop. Loosen the countertop’s underside clamps securing it to the base.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Renovation – Contact Paper

DIY Bathroom Makeover (Contact Paper) || HOW TO & TIPS

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my Vanity Vanity?

To get the perfect 90-degree angle on their new vanity countertop, homeowners carved out a bit of drywall at the corner of the vanity top, then sealed the deal with a thin bead of silicone. A cool coat of gray paint, new cabinet hardware, and a fresh faucet complete the vanity makeover. Good, but not great.

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