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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make cedar shiny?

When a hard glossy surface is desired on a tabletop or window ledge, a seal coat of thinned varnish or lacquer sanding sealer makes cedar easier to smooth in preparation for one or two top coats of varnish or lacquer. Cedar accepts most finishes well, including penetrating oils, such as tung oil and linseed oil.

What is the best sealant for cedar?

Our Top 10 Best Cedar Sealer in 2020

  • Pure Tung Oil Finisher for Cedar. ...
  • General Finishes Exterior 450. ...
  • Star Brite Golden Teak Oil Sealer for Cedar. ...
  • Thompson's WaterSeal Advanced Cedar Protector. ...
  • DEFY Crystal Clear Sealer for Cedar. ...
  • SEAL-ONCE MARINE Cedar Wood Sealer. ...
  • Olympic Stain 56500-04 Maximum Cedar Sealant.

What kind of paint to use on Cedar?

Opaque is most common term describing best stain for making Cedar white. Various paint manufactures have their version of white-wash stain, all being that of a light off-white color, typically referred to as opaque. Light colored, opaque stains can be found either in water-borne or oil based, as well as semi-transparent, or solid body paint stain.

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