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How to ship via FedEx using an account (create a shipping label)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print a FedEx label on eBay?

  1. Go to the Orders tab in Seller Hub.
  2. Beside the item you want to ship, select Print shipping label.
  3. Choose Print Shipping Label.
  4. Fill out the shipping label information, ensuring all addresses are correct.
  5. Select Purchase and print label.

Can I print a FedEx Ground shipping label?

Once you've created your label, or if you have a label ready to print, you can print it yourself. If you're not able to print your label, you can have it printed at a FedEx location.

How to contact FedEx about printing labels on eBay?

If your question has to do with printing FedEx shipping labels on eBay, please contact eBay Customer Support. If your question has to do with tracking or a particular shipment, call FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx (463-3339).

How long does it take to reprint a FedEx label?

FedEx labels and documents may be reprinted up to 12 hours after they are processed, or until midnight local time (whichever comes first). Click on the ‘Ship History’ tab, select the shipment and click on the ‘Reprint’ button.

How can I reprint the label I printed?

Click on the ‘Ship History’ tab, select the shipment and click on the ‘Reprint’ button. If you do not have a FedEx account, please call FedEx Customer service at 800 FedEx (800 33339) and provide the Air Waybill details. Was this helpful?

How do I get FedEx Ground barcode labels?

You can request FedEx Ground barcode labels by calling 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and saying “order shipping supplies” at the prompt. If you don’t have your own barcode labels, you can take your package to a FedEx location, and we can create one for you. Created with Sketch.

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