How To Prevent Landscape Edging Concrete From Moving?


Prevent the pavers from shifting around by adding a solid edge to your patio. You can use a cement lip, plastic or metal edging. When you’re finished, spread fine sand over the patio and sweep it into the cracks to help hold the bricks in place. You might consider using polymeric sand for increased longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep concrete edging in place?

Try glueing them together on the ends with cement glue. That should hold them together. Stakes are a quick fix but not necessarily permanent. Ideally pouring a concrete footing to place the edging on would be best but expensive and complex.

What's the best way to lay out concrete edging?

Lay out where you want to pour your new edging. Be creative! A meandering concrete border with graceful curves will help define the best aspects of your landscape; use a long garden hose to guide this shape. If you prefer a straight border, swap the garden hose for stakes and a string line.

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