How To Precast Cement Exterior Door Trim?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you use precast concrete trim for?

Precast concrete window and door trim can be used around windows, doors, or any other opening. They can add to the architectural design (classical, southwestern, colonial, etc.).

How to cast and fix precast concrete door and window frames?

One of the many components of precast concrete are door and window frames. In this article, we discuss the shape, dimension, casting procedure, curing, erection, and fixing of the precast door and window frames. Fig 1: Precast Window Frames. 1. Aggregate 2. Concrete 3. Reinforcement 4. Mold

How much does it cost to install precast window trim?

Where precast window trim falls short however, is in the area of affordability and installation. Being immensely heavy (they can be over 70lbs per 4' section) and time-consuming to make, precast concrete trim comes in at the upper-end of the market in terms of cost.

How big is a precast concrete door frame?

The precast reinforced concrete door and window frames shall be 60 x 100 mm or 70 x 75 mm in cross-section for single shutter and 60 x 120 mm for double shutter door, cross-section generally conforming to Figure-2. Where specified, a suitable groove for receiving wall plaster shall be provided.

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