How To Plant Succulents In Gravel Landscaping?


You can either fill the pot with gravel and then put soil on top of the gravels and put more gravel over the soil. Or, you can put the soil at the base and add the gravel on top of the soil. There are smart ways of ensuring that your succulents survive this arrangement for some time.


Basically, growing succulents is just as simple as planting them: watering these cactus-like plants during the summer months is more than adequate if done on twice a week basis. During the winter, cut-backs are recommended. Basically, give the plants a good water soaking, and then wait until the succulent plant dries out completely.


Succulent Planting Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant succulents in gravel?

Most succulents thrive in dry conditions because too much moisture can cause the plants to rot. ... You can grow them indoors in a dish filled with gravel, which provides adequate moisture drainage, although some soil is still necessary to provide nutrients and a medium for the succulent roots.

How do you plant succulents in a rock garden?

Mound boulders and gritty soil into berms; the added height improves drainage, prevents rot, and creates visual interest. Finish off the berm with a Top Dressing, e.g. decomposed granite, pea gravel, or chicken grit, to keep soil and water off the leaves of the succulents. Now you're ready to plant.

Can succulents grow in rocks without soil?

It is possible to plant succulents in rocks, but it will not work if you do not water them regularly. They need a lot of water and cannot grow without soil for more than a week. The roots may start rotting because they cannot absorb enough moisture from the air or the rock surface.

How do you use gravel for succulents?

How to use Aquarium Gravel for Succulents?

  1. The first step is to make sure you thoroughly wash the gravels before using them. ...
  2. Now mix the aquarium gravel with pebbles and make a layer of an inch depth at the bottom of the pot. ...
  3. Lastly, place the soil mix over the rock layer.

When to use rocks and gravel for succulents?

Rocks and gravels are primarily used when potting succulents to improve drainage. Placing stones on the bottom of the pot enhances drainage and prevents root rot. Succulents and cacti naturally grow in sandy soils that drain quickly, and their roots should never be left in wet soil.

Do you need to top up soil for succulents?

Plants need a certain amount of soil to survive. The soil needs to cover the base of its roots, at least. If the soil is no longer sufficient to cover the base of their roots, you need to top it up. When doing this, you don’t need to take out the rocks and gravel.

What to put in front yard for succulents?

Rivulets of gravel flowing through the garden suggest motion and water. They also contrast and repeat colors of succulents, and provide access to planted areas. Statuesque Euphorbia trigona ‘Rubra’ serves as a focal point that will triple in size over time.

What kind of plants can you put in a gravel garden?

Select the plants that you’d like to have in your garden. Cacti, succulents, grasses, daisies, Mediterranean plants, and many herbs will thrive in the gravel garden because they require less water than other plants. Look for plants like lavender, yucca, lilies, juniper trees, lilacs, or stonecrop at your local nursery or home improvement store.

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