How To Photograph Full Moon With Landscape?


For moon-in-landscape photos, you may need to adjust your ISO to help maintain a certain aperture or shutter speed. Aperture Sharpness is the name of the game when photographing the moon. Because of this, shoot your lens at its sweet-spot aperture and adjust shutter speed and, then, ISO as needed.


How to Photograph Landscapes With the Moon

  • 1 – Wait until the moon is nearly full. The best time to photograph a landscape with the moon is when the moon is…
  • 2 – Concentrate on distant landscapes. The trick to getting a nice big moon in your image is to concentrate on distant…
  • 3 – Take two shots if you have a near foreground. To ensure both the foreground and the…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you photograph the moon so it looks big?

Use a wide angle or a fish-eye lens (8-35mm) when you want to emphasize the beauty of the landscape. Thanks to the wider angle of view, you'll capture a large area of the landscape showing all its beauty. The cons is that the moon will appear as a small bright dot in the sky.

How do you photograph the moon scenes?

Adjust the shutter speed so the moon isn't over-exposed – start around 1/250th. Adjust the aperture to get your lens as sharp as possible – a lot of lenses are sharper stopped down to f8 or f11. Keep the ISO low to get a crisp image. Try using a tripod, or other ways to stabilise the image.

Can you take a picture of the Moon?

Since then, the moon has been a subject that has captivated the attention of photographers around the world. Photographing the moon by itself is one thing, but when you want to include the moon in a landscape photo, you have some challenges to overcome.

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