How To Paint White Laminate Bathroom Cabinets?



  • Check to make sure your laminate is in good condition. If it’s peeling or chipped, make those repairs before painting.
  • Clean your cabinets thoroughly with Krud Kutter to remove any kitchen grease or dust. Leave the cabinet doors attached…
  • Use a roller to apply Chalky Finish paint to the cabinet doors.
  • Use a paint brush to chalk-paint any spots the roller…

How to paint laminate kitchen cabinets?

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Update and Tips

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets White

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you paint laminate bathroom cabinets?

The surface of a laminated cabinet is not porous like natural wood, so the primer gives the paint something to adhere to.

  1. Cover the floor around the vanity with newspaper. ...
  2. Sand the entire cabinet and door fronts with a fine-grit sanding block. ...
  3. Cover areas you don't want to paint with painter's tape.

Can you paint white laminate cabinets?

Yes You Can Paint Laminate! ... The frames are laminate and the doors are real wood, so they were aging into different colors. If you paint a piece of real wood furniture or cabinetry, the wood will absorb some of the paint or primer into its pores, which creates a tight bond and helps the paint stick to the wood.

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