How To Paint Over Exterior Stained Wood?


Paint over wood stain in 6 easy steps:

  1. Step 1: Start by sanding the wood. “Can you paint over stain without sanding?” is a common question. …
  2. Step 2: Wipe down the wood. …
  3. Step 3: Add a coat of primer. …
  4. Step 4: Wipe the wood with a cloth. …
  5. Step 5: Paint your wood. …
  6. Step 6: Apply the finish.


Yes, you can paint over stained wood without sanding, as paint can adhere to stain. However, for the best results, you should use the primer or Oil Bond method to clean the area you want to paint using a rag. Then, apply a layer of Oil Bond on to the cleaned surface. This process prepares the surface for maximum adhesion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prime stained wood before painting?

Applying oil-based or shellac primer is a required step when painting over stained wood. Stain is oil-based, so latex primers won't adhere to it properly. ... Stain colors have a habit of seeping through paint, so ask your paint supplier to tint the primer to the same or similar color as the stain you're painting over.

What happens if you paint over stained wood?

Most stained wood has been coated in a glossy polyurethane or varnish. If you paint over these glossy surfaces directly, the paint can't properly grip the surface which may cause the paint to crack, chip, or peel off. In order to allow the paint to grip to the surface of your wood, you should sand away the gloss.

Can you paint a design on stained wood?

As long as you sand the wood with at least a 150 grit sandpaper, you can use acrylic paint on stained wood.

What's the best way to paint over oil stained wood?

Let dry. Check the surface for holes and scratches or other imperfections, and patch any holes with wood putty, using a putty knife. Sand away light scratches with fine sandpaper. Go over the wood surface lightly, using a very fine grit sand paper to rough it up and provide a tooth for the primer to adhere to.

What's the best way to paint over a stain?

Then, follow these general preparatory steps for painting over stain: First, clean the stained surface with soapy water to remove any dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Next, to dull the stain, lightly sand the surface with 150-grit or finer sandpaper, moving in the direction of the grain to avoid crosshatching in the final result.

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