How To Paint House Exterior Pebble Dash?

Pebble dash painting, small but valuable tip

Spray Painting Pebble Dash

How to Paint an Exterior Pebbledashed Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint exterior pebble dash?

Yes, luckily you can paint over pebbledashing! Having said this, it is known as one of the most difficult exterior surfaces to paint, so it is important to properly research this before undertaking to ensure you get the finish you are looking for. ... Firstly, let's talk about the tools you will need to paint pebbledash.

What is the best way to paint pebble dash walls?

What should I use to paint a pebbledash wall? Applying standard masonry paint with a masonry brush is perfect for the job as they are really wide paint brushes that will allow you to dab the paint onto the pebbledash easily, get into all the nooks and crannies, and apply an even covering of paint.

What's the best way to paint pebbledash walls?

An easier way to paint pebbledash is by a spray machine, applying a heavily textured exterior wall coating Painting your house, if the walls have pebbledash is thankless, hard work, possibly dangerous, and the end result will look less than pleasing.

When did people start painting pebble dashed houses?

To offer a bit of background, pebble dashed homes started to appear around the housing boom of the early 20th century, where poor quality bricks were covered up and weatherproofed, but painting the pebbledash was never even thought of.

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