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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint a sunset in watercolor or oil?

The painting below is a perfect example of painting a cityscape at sunset. One of the advantages of oil painting (and acrylic painting to an extent) is being able to achieve rich and deep darks and mid-tones. This allows you to create such stunning sunset paintings. But with watercolors, your darks and mid-tones may not appear nearly as strong.

Which is the best time to paint a sunset?

I absolutely love sunset (and sunrise) paintings. During these times of the day, the contrast between light and dark sharpens, the details start to fade and all these beautiful colors start to get involved. As there is generally less clarity in sunset scenes, you need to rely more on color and light to create interest in your painting.

Who is the best artist for sunset paintings?

This is one of my absolute favorite sunset paintings by Mykola Yaroshenko (another brilliant Russian artist). There must be something in the water over at Russia which allows them to produce so many amazing artists. You can see more of his works here.

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