How To Modernize Ranch House Exterior?


For those looking to improve the value of a ranch style home, an exterior update is a great choice. Lighten the color – Pale, neutral colors are popular in the luxury housing market, and redoing your ranch style home’s brick or vinyl siding in a light color can make it more modern and desirable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with exterior of ranch house?

In this very impressive suburban ranch renovation by Hagan Architects, one of the many changes to exterior spaces was the addition of a wood surround and steps off the sliding patio doors. Renewal Design + Build used glass to contrast the typical brick and stone facade that many mid-century ranches have.

What should I do to my ranch house for Curb Appeal?

This can be game changing for curb appeal. Column Square Off: If your ranch has columns on the front that are dated and round, consider making them square with heavy moulding on bottom and top. This feels more modern with straight, clean lines. We are all about honoring the past while still giving the exterior an updated face lift.

How to make a boring ranch house non boring?

So I picked up some a carriage-house style garage door hardware kit, attached it to the door, and presto: non-boring. Or at least relatively non-boring. Replace the spidery puffball plants that line my driveway and the right side of the house with lavender. Replace the walkway lights.

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