How To Match Old Bathroom Tiles?


25 Ways To Mix And Match Tiles In Bathrooms

  • Same Color, Different Tiles. If you want to achieve a timeless bathroom design, this is the look for you. Floors and…
  • An Accented Floor, Plain Walls. This is an effective way to get creative with your tiles and make the floor the hero of…
  • Accented Walls, A Plain Floor. Similar to above but in reverse. Wall tiles are the…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you match old tile?

When replacing any tile, it's always best to use one left over from the original installation. Then you can be sure that the replacement tile will perfectly match the existing ones. ... In that case, you might want to randomly replace a handful of tiles around the floor to make the fix blend in with the rest of the field.

How can I match my bathroom tiles?

Great Tips To Mix And Match Tile In Your Bathroom

  1. Vertical installation increases height – install rectangular tile vertically instead of horizontally to make the walls look higher. ...
  2. Mix and match half way up – using darker tile on the bottom half of a wall grounds the space and makes the room appear smaller.

What to do when you can't find matching tile?

If you can't find matching tile, get creative by looking for a similar tile in a different color. Then look at the floor and figure out if it's possible to create a random or regular pattern with a second color. You may need to move some of the existing tiles around so that the pattern is more widespread.

Do bathroom tiles need to match?

Floor tiles and wall tiles can match, but certainly do not have to. Most importantly, floor and wall tiles should create a cohesive look by either combining monochromatic colors, coordinating patterns with colors, or pairing complementary solid colors together for an aesthetically pleasing result.

What's the best way to match old tile to New?

Inset tile panels featuring floral designs in complementary colors became popular in the 1930s, and can be a good solution when matching tile is impossible. Generally, old bathrooms came in two color palettes: all white, and screaming Technicolor. If your house predates 1927, you can’t go wrong with pure white.

Do you have to match bathroom wall tiles?

Sorry to be so negative, but sometimes the truth hurts…. However, all is not lost. Most customers are usually trying to match up bathroom wall tiles because of taking out a bath or introducing a shower.

What kind of tile do you use in an old bathroom?

The most obvious tile patterns for floors in older bathrooms are porcelain hex tiles, those little six-sided wonders now available on pre-webbed sheets in about a dozen colors from many companies. Subway Tile even sells them in three sizes—1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″.

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