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Frequently Asked Questions

How to design an island bed for your garden?

Design an Island Bed 1 Consider placement. An island bed is like placing a new sofa in the room… you don’t want to block traffic, you want it in a place you can enjoy it, ... 2 Consider shape, size and formality. First things first…is your yard informal, or formal? ... 3 Creating the bed itself. ... 4 Planting. ... 5 Last thoughts. ...

Why do you need mulch for an island bed?

Mulch also helps the plants to fight weeds. These are just a few things to think about when you’re designing your own island bed for your yard, and if you wanted to customize them to fit your tastes, you can find all of the tools and supplies necessary to do so.

Where can I find photos of pine trees?

If you can’t find the ideas you’re looking for in the results for Pine Tree Landscaping Ideas, you can refine your search or go directly to the Photos page and filter your results by room, style, color, and more.

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