How To Make A Landscape Mound?


Tips For Making Landscape Mounds And Berms

  1. Sketch The Design To Scale On A Graph Paper Beforehand.
  2. Put Down Your Layout Plan.
  3. Remove The Turf Layer In The Marked Lawn.
  4. Fill The Area With Clean Dirt To Build Up The Berm.
  5. Fill The Remaining Few Inches With Clay Soil.
  6. Add Top Soil Over The Clay Layer.


  1. Lay out the mound design on the ground with garden hoses, and then transfer the shapes to the ground with landscaping spray paint.
  2. Cut and remove the sod layer — grass, roots and about 1/2 inch of soil — from within the outlined area, using a sod cutter, spade or shovel.
  3. Fill in the outlined area to about 1 foot from the edge and half the finished height with fill dirt or organic material.
  4. Spread clay soil over the filler material, unless you plan to plant trees, to hold the basic shape of the mound together.
  5. Pack the clay firmly over the fill material using the back of a spade so that it stays in place, but do not pack it so tightly that it …
  6. Cover the mound with topsoil, pushing it against the perimeter lines to achieve desired curves.
  7. Spread the topsoil across the top of the mound with a bow rake so that the top is flat, allowing for water to penetrate instead of running off.
  8. Carve desired ridges or curves from the side of the berm with a shovel, garden hoe, garden trowel or your hands.
  9. Position decorative river rocks or large boulders before planting if desired. …
  10. Cover remaining bare soil with shredded bark mulch to help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.

How To Renovate A Pitcher’s Mound

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you plant on a mound?

Squash and cucumber may be planted in mounds, as well as root vegetables such as beets or potatoes.

  • The purpose of building up a mound and adding plants to that mound may be practical, aesthetic or both.
  • A garden mound for vegetables may be 2 feet high and 3 feet across.

Can you build a mound?

Use a large nail or spike to outline the landing area. This should start from the front corners of the plateau and continue outward toward the turf. With a pick loosen existing soil so your mound building soil will bond to the existing soil. Break up clumps with a square-faced shovel or remove with a rake.

Which is the best example of berm and mound landscaping?

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