How To Make A Bathroom Vanity Tile Top?


  1. Build Vanity Top. Build your own base or modify a commercial unit. …
  2. Cut Sink Hole. Mark the outline and cut line of the sink using the manufacturer’s template. …
  3. Lay Out Tiles. Lay out the tiles in a dry run using spacers. Try to minimize cutting as much as possible. …
  4. Place Tiles. Set the tiles in place and level them. …
  5. Set Sink. When the grout has cured, run a bead of silicone caulk around the edge of the hole and set in the sink.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tile over a vanity?

If you plan to tile a bathroom wall, tiling the vanity will make the vanity and sink an integral part of the space. Even if your existing base cabinet is in good condition, you'll have to build up the top. ... Select the right tile to use on your vanity. Use glazed tile 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick.

How do you put a top on a bathroom vanity?

1:352:17How to Install a Vanity Top - Menards - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipApply a small bead of silicone caulk on the vanity base edge. Place the top on the vanity base andMoreApply a small bead of silicone caulk on the vanity base edge. Place the top on the vanity base and ensure it is aligned on all edges. Leave for three hours to let the silicone.

How do you set tile on a vanity?

Tile nippers and a tile cutter make short work of trimming tiles to fit. As you figure out the placement of the tiles, stack the tiles in the order you plan to set them. Spread thin-set mortar mixed to the consistency of mashed potatoes along the front and side edges of the vanity with a notched trowel.

Where to buy ceramic tile for Vanity top?

For no more tiles than you need even for a double sink vanity, you can probably find enough on sale at closeout prices at tile stores and home improvement centers. Before you begin to make a ceramic tile vanity top, remove the old sink and plumbing fixtures.

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