How To Maintain Exterior Of Woodstove?


If you find cracks or chips, fill them in with stove putty. If rust is found, use a wire brush or rust remover to remove it. Wet a towel or rag with warm water and soap or vinegar, then wipe down the stove. If needed, apply wood stove polish or wood stove paint with a towel or spray can to the exterior to restore its color and shine.

Cleaning and Maintaining My Wood Stoves

Do This To Keep Your Wood Stove Running Safely! – Stove Pipe cleaning and inspection


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the outside of a wood burning stove?

The wood burning stove's exterior is most easily cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner with a mouthpiece with soft brushes. Alternately, a soft dry cloth can be used. Never use a moist cloth as it might cause rust.

How do you maintain a wood stove?

Thoroughly clean the flue and stovepipe of any soot and other residues. Repair the chimney or replace the stovepipe to avoid any problem later in the season. The stovepipe and chimney should be inspected frequently during the heating season for creosote buildup.

Can a wood burning stove be used outside?

Yes – you can put them anywhere in your garden. Wood burning stoves can be placed on patio or decking outside. You can install a wood burning stove absolutely anywhere in your garden, whether that be in your shed, garage, summerhouse, or cabin. Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any outdoor space.

Do you need to clean exterior of wood stove?

The exterior of the stove is likely the part that will need to be cleaned the least, unless a rust problem occurs. Through the use of wood stove polish or wood stove paint, you can resist rust for longer stretches of time and therefore not need to clean it more than whenever you notice wear and tear.

What makes a good wood burning stove work?

A wood burning stove works at it’s very best when it is correctly installed, and is used in the way which it was intended. Lighting a wood burning stove correctly is one of the easiest things you can do, to ensure a great flame and a well functioning stove.

What's the best way to Polish a wood stove?

Apply a thin coating of stove black onto the stove's surface with the cloth or sponge. Work in one direction to apply the stove black, wiping in small circles as you go. Let the black stove polish completely dry. This can take up to 15 minutes. Take another clean, soft cloth or sponge and buff the stove black until the wood stove shines.

What to do when your wood stove goes black?

Lay a tarp or plastic around the base of the wood stove before you begin. This protects the hearth or floor area from stove black spills. Empty the wood stove of ash and discard it in the compost pile or spread the ashes among landscaping that needs extra alkalinity. Wood ash contains minerals that help change acidic soil to an alkaline state.

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