How To Live With A Communal Bathroom?


5 Ways To Survive A Communal Bathroom In College

  1. Always Wear Flip-Flops. Athlete’s foot is real! …
  2. Shower During Off-Hours. …
  3. Do Your Part To Keep The Bathroom Clean. …
  4. Buy A Robe. …
  5. Keep It All In Perspective.


Tips to help you live with a communal dorm bathroom

  • Learn peak hours. This can be one of the most important rules to learn when it comes to sharing a communal dorm bathroom.
  • Keep your area clean. Sure, making sure that you clean up after yourself might not be enough to keep on top of the…
  • Invest in a robe. While some of us don’t mind other people seeing what’s on…

COLLEGE COMMUNAL BATHROOM HORROR STORIES | Tips for Surviving Communal Bathrooms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are communal bathrooms bad?

While using a communal bathroom can be daunting, know that it won't be nearly as bad as you think. Everyone is just as concerned as you are, so just remember to be considerate when using this public space.

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