How To Lay Lino In A Small Bathroom?


Lay your vinyl down and trim to fit. Carefully move the cut linoleum piece (s) into position and lay it down. Work the linoleum around any corners and obstructions, taking care not to crease it. If you marked and cut your linoleum so that you have an extra inch or two on every side, the extra material will lay up against the walls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to lay down Lino?

Using a retractable stanley knife, cut the lino around the edges of the room and lay flat. 7. Cut the lino around awkward pieces such as sinks, toilets and pipes that may be running out of the floor. Can You Put New Flooring Over Old Lino?

Is it OK to lay lino flooring on top of it?

While linoleum flooring is resistant to germs, mould can grow on it’s surface under the right conditions. If you lay new linoleum flooring down on top of flooring that has mould on it, even if you can’t see it with your naked eye, the mould can spread and present a health risk. Do You Need Underlay For Lino?

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