How To Lay Landscape Drain Pipe?


  • Lay the connected pipe structure in the trench on top of the layer of crushed stone, and make sure the drainage holes in…
  • Test the flow of the drain by pouring water into the inlet grate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should drain pipe be in yard?

Dig a trench from the place in your yard that needs drainage to your chosen outlet. Check for underground utility lines and pipes before digging. The trench should be about 18 inches deep and 9 to 12 inches wide.

Do you need gravel under drain pipe?

In this system, the pipe is solid, and not perforated, so there's no need to provide gravel for drainage along the length of the drainpipe. One advantage of a smooth-wall pipe is that it will drain water quickly, and if it gets clogged, you can use a drain snake to clean it out.

How do you lay land drains?

0:041:33How to lay land drains and drainage pipes and how they work in land ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe trench is dug the drain is laid in it. The water shoke soaks through a single shingle that youMoreThe trench is dug the drain is laid in it. The water shoke soaks through a single shingle that you put on the top. Into the pipe. And it runs out at the holes that I'm indicating.

What is the best size gravel for drainage?

In general, you want to aim for ½ inch to 1-inch gravel for drainage. Areas that will see especially heavy flow may need larger gravel. Or, projects without drainage pipes may also need larger gravel. For example, a French drain without perforated pipe needs 1 ½ inch gravel.

Which is the best way to lay a drainage pipe?

For an open system the pipes need to be laid along the bottom of the trench. The holes should be facing downward and the filter fabric should be wrapped round the pipe as it progresses. The filter fabric will ensure that the drainage pipe does not get blocked by too many large pieces of debris being washed into it.

Do you have to dig a trench for a drainage pipe?

If you are running water away from a general area, you will need pipes that are open. This type usually has a row of holes down the length of them and comes in individual short sections rather than a kit. The drainage pipe needs to be set in a trench. Dig the trench along the route you have already decided upon.

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