How To Landscape Your Front Lawn?


  • Assessing Your Front Yard. The first thing to do when planning a new front yard is to recognize your bias. …
  • Using Plants in Your Front Yard Landscaping. The architectural features of your yard will be the most expensive and permanent. …
  • Plant Trees for Impact. Trees (and larger shrubs) are the first components to consider in front-yard design. …
  • Add Accent Trees. To add beauty and perhaps additional shade to a front yard, carefully situate accent trees between the street and the house.
  • Raised Planting Beds. Raised planting beds are often used instead of or together with foundation plantings. …
  • Foundation Plantings. In the past, plants were set where the house meets the ground to hide foundations and first-floor basements.
  • Planning Your Walkway. The best plan for a walkway varies from yard to yard. …
  • Plan a Functional Entryway. Pay particular attention when planning your front yard to making your home’s entrance clear and inviting.
  • Your Guide to Front Steps. Make steps as wide as the walks they connect. Steps should be emphatic and noticeable. A plant accent can help.
  • Using Edges and Borders. Edgings give an important and neat outline to your yard, as well as dramatic contrasts of form, texture, and color.
  • Creating an Attractive Front. Every house facade and site have visual assets and liabilities. The well-done front yard highlights the pleasing points and masks the poor ones.
  • More Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Remodel Time Lapse in 20 mins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grass good for your front yard?

Grass areas slow rain and absorb it, allowing water to percolate into soil below—instead of flowing into municipal storm drains. It’s a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal, especially in metropolitan areas where storm runoff is taxed.

What's the best way to add to a lawn?

When the path reaches the front of the house, the steps are made from wood instead of stone for a nice contrast. A great addition to any lawn is a flowering ground cover.

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