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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take care of Arizona Yellow Bells?

This plant has moderate water requirements. Make sure to water it regularly but not overwater. Water a newly planted Yellow Bells bush every five to seven days and water established bushes every six to 10 days. It's most important to keep the plant watered regularly during its first summer.

What can I plant with yellow bells?

Companion Plants for Yellow Bells

  • Annuals. Annual plants die each year and need replanting in the spring. ...
  • Ornamental Grasses. Ornamental grasses are visually pleasing when clumped together under a yellow bells bush. ...
  • Perennials. ...
  • Shrubs.

How do you prune Arizona Yellow Bells?

How to Prune Yellow Bells. Prune or cut back unruly canes by cutting the cane all the way back to a main stem or to the ground. This will keep the plant's natural shape and can be done anytime. Remove seed pods and spent blooms by cutting back each stem that recently bloomed by one-third.

Do hummingbirds like bells of fire?

Hummingbirds are looking for something a little different in a flower. ... Their long, narrow beak is designed to reach deep into the necks of tubular flowers, such as Lydia™ and Bells of Fire™ Tecoma.

How did the Tecoma Sparky bells get its name?

Tecoma has long been a hot garden favorite for its blooming habits, high heat tolerance, fast growth rate, and versatility in the landscape. Developed in Phoenix by an esteemed horticulturalist and ASU professor, and named after the ASU mascot, ‘Sparky’ shows its school’s colors with large apricot yellow blooms that have reddish-orange throats.

What kind of bells can I put in my garden?

Like the more common ‘windmills’ often installed in gardens, farm bells, fire bells, ships bells or railroad bells may be found to add to your garden. Finding one can connect us to our family history or satisfy an unexplained desire for one. Have you thought of installing a bell?

When to plant Sparky bells in Desert Horizon?

This designer hybrid produces few (if any) seed pods, so it looks tidy and attracts hummingbirds from spring through fall without the need for deadheading or pruning. It stays more compact than standard Tecoma varieties, and has an upright habit that allows it to fit into tighter spaces, or anywhere you need a splash of summer color!

What makes a Tecoma Sparky a Sparky plant?

These beautiful bell shaped flowers are what gives the plants its elegant looks and they are the reason Tecoma Sparky’s are becoming such popular plants. Soil and Watering: Yellow Bells are native to warmer dry environment, so it is important to mimic this when growing them inside or outside in your Sunnyvale garden.

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