How To Landscape With Leyland Cypress?


To grow leyland cypress trees as a landscaping hedge, you should space them 3-6 feet apart (on center). The hedge spacing should depend on 1 main factor: How quickly you want it to form into a hedge. For a quick hedge, plant them 3 feet apart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I plant next to Leyland cypress?

salal, mahonia, vaccinium species, ferns. Two other of my go-to plants for dry shade are sweetbox (Sarcococca sp.) and Euphorbia robbiae. The euphorbia is a low growing spreader but the sweetbox is a taller growing shrubby plant with several species that will reach 3-4 feet, perhaps taller.

How far apart do you plant Leyland cypress?

How far apart should you plant them? To give them adequate room to grow, you should plant Leyland cypress trees at least 6-10 feet apart.

How do you space a Leyland cypress?

The recommended spacing for Leyland Cypress Trees is 5 feet apart. You can plant closer together if you want quicker privacy. Leyland Cypress Trees typically grow about 8-10 feet wide.

Why are Leyland cypress hated?

They are also prone to becoming top heavy from that fast growth (especially if they aren't sheared annually) and so they come over in storms. They are completely inappropriate as screening on smaller properties. They grow into roads, driveways, and dominate back yards.

Can a Leyland cypress be planted in full sun?

Unusually, shallow roots of the species can give in wet soil to topple large trees. Leyland cypress trees enjoy both part shade/part sun and full sun—the tree has very forgiving light requirements. The cypress can be planted in many soils.

Are there cypress trees that are good for landscape?

Leyland Cypress trees are beautiful but need proper planting and pruning, careful landscape considerations, and have certain pest concerns. Leyland Cypress trees are beautiful but need proper planting and pruning, careful landscape considerations, and have certain pest concerns. Menu Home Using Leyland Cypress Tree in Your Landscape Search

What happens if you trim Leyland cypress tree?

After a brief period of calm, when a Leyland hedge hits its growing stride, all bets are off. The “spite fence” turns into a massive headache for the parties on either side, leading to potential catastrophe. Trimming can become a costly endeavor, making misery for all involved.

Can a Leyland cypress be a spite fence?

Leyland Cypresses can look all lush and innocuous in their green pots when you buy them at your local nursery, but the fun begins just a few years after planting. That row of Leylands planted to create a privacy hedge on your property line can easily turn into a “spite fence” a few years down the road.

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