How To Landscape A Long Narrow Front Yard?


  1. I n the confined space of a long thin garden, scented plants work very well. Use them to mark the changes in seasons. …
  2. Neatness pays dividends in these narrow spaces and putting edging around the flower beds really lifts the garden. …
  3. Don’t forget the fences. In this shape of garden the fences will be quite dominant to the view. …
  4. Use an off-the-shelf water feature to create sounds. In long, thin gardens, the sounds from the neighbours can often be intrusive, but an inexpensive water feature will help to …
  5. If you plant your garden for summer, try lighting your garden for winter. The least expensive way is to use outdoor, warm white, fairy lights. …

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layout and planting of gardens and landscapes.

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This design uses circles set on an S-curve, offering the best of both line and shape. Wander with HGTV Gardens through one gorgeous garden that blends traditional and modern landscape design styles. A small, narrow space feels larger when divided diagonally. Strong structural planting creates the bones of a garden through the seasons.

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