How To Interlock Landscape Timbers?


DIY BORDER Like a Pro Using LANDSCAPE TImbers…Preparing for RAIN BARREL Water Catchment System.

HOW TO: Build a Timber Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build an interlocking retaining wall in a garden?

How to do it. 1 Lay Out Wall. Lay out the wall and remove the soil from the slope. Following the manufacturer's recommendations, dig and level a trench for the first ... 2 Spread Landscape Fabric. 3 Lay First Course. 4 Set Remaining Courses. 5 Set Up Drainpipe. More items

What's the best way to interlock pavers?

Start the process at either a 90-degree corner or within the field by using a pre-set string to guide the straightness of the pavers. Once the paver field and borders have been placed, spread a light layer of sand over the pavers and run a vibrating plate compactor over them to begin the interlocking process.

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