How To Insulate Walls Floor Before Tiling A Bathroom?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you insulate under tile floors?

If your tile floor is on the ground floor of a house that is built on pillars, or a house with a very cold basement, you can cut down on the influx of cold air through your floor by fitting rigid foam in between the floor joists underneath the tile floor.

What's the best way to install floor tile?

Begin the installation project by starting with the second row of wall tile. A space saver can be used to mark off the area reserved for the first row of tile. Work your way up the wall. Once you have finished installing the wall tile, you can install the floor tiles all the way to the wall and underneath the space savers.

Why do I need to insulate my bathroom wall?

Investing a little bit in insulation saves money in the long haul on energy bills. As this wall was very uneven, we chose to baton it out prior to fitting the kingspan insulation to level it up. 4×2” timber batons were packed out level and screwed to the wall before having expanding foam squirted behind them to give extra strength.

What's the best way to insulate the floor?

To provide additional insulation, tongue-and-groove wood-fibre board can be fixed to the undersides of the joists. Insulating from above is more complex and will mean lifting floorboards.

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