How To Insulate An Outside Bathroom Wall?


To insulate between a single pipe and the exterior wall, you can use do-it-yourself spray foam that comes in a can, directing the spray only between the pipe and the exterior wall, and then insulating the rest of the stud space with fiberglass batts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to insulate an outside wall?

To add soundproofing, weave a continuous roll of fiberglass insulation between staggered studs, using insulation designed for 2x4 walls. Weave loosely to fill the cavity but tightly enough so you won't have to compress the insulation when you install drywall. When you reach the end of the wall, cut off the insulation.

Should you insulate exterior shower walls?

When tubs and showers are installed on exterior walls, builders may forget to insulate and air seal the exterior wall behind the tub or shower surround. Neglecting to insulate and air seal here can result in significant heat loss and complaints from homeowners about tubs, showers, and bathrooms that are always cold.

Which insulation is best for bathroom walls?

Best bathroom insulation Sprayed insulation, such as cellulose or foam, are usually smarter choices than fiberglass for your bathroom. Because fiberglass tends to be more porous, moist air is likelier to flow through it. Another path is foam pipe insulation, which will keep pipes warmer during cold months.

Can you insulate exterior walls from the outside?

Fitting extra insulation to an older home when renovating can be a great idea, but when insulating exterior walls from the outside take care to do it right. Ecohome investigates the easiest ways to retro-fit insulation to walls.

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