How To Install Metal Landscape Edging Detail?


How to Install Metal Lawn and Landscape Edging

  • Step 1: Moisten the Soil. Wet the soil in the trench using a garden hose if the ground is hard or if it hasn’t rained in…
  • Step 2: Lay the Edging Near the Trench. Set the edging pieces along the trench so all the pieces are approximately where…
  • Step 3: Dry Fit the Edging. Set the edging pieces loosely into the trench,…

Installing EverEdge Metal Lawn Edging

FormBoss Garden Edging Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does a landscape edging need to be?

Metal landscape edging typically comes in long strips (eight to 10 feet) that have overlapping connections. The standard heights range from three to five inches high, the choice of which depends on how much protrusion above the soil is desired.

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