How To Install Briggs Homer Bathroom Sink?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to install a bathroom sink?

Installing Bathroom Sink Plumbing. The first is the rough-in, when you install all the water, drain and vent pipes in the walls and leave them stubbing out at the sink location. In the second, or finishing, phase, you hook the sink and faucet to the stub-outs. The rough-in phase is the one that requires the most plumbing know-how.

What kind of toilet does Briggs plumbing make?

Briggs is a major supplier of lavatories, high efficiency toilets, bidets and urinals, kitchen and bathroom faucets for residential, hospitality and commercial applications.

Do you need to trim the opening of a new bathroom sink?

If it doesn’t, you may need to do some trimming or, or cut the entire opening if you're installing a sink in a house under construction. Most new sinks come with clips and screws that are used to hold the sink in place. If you buy a faucet, sometimes it’ll come with the drain and tailpiece for the sink.

Where does the plumbing go in a bathroom sink?

Connecting the Sink. The pipe that extends down from the drain is called the tailpiece, and it should end at the same level as the top of the drain so that the trap connects easily. The faucet supply hoses connect to the shutoff valves and faucet inlets, and you tighten them with adjustable pliers.

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