How To Improve Exterior Wall Of Cinder Block?


The fastest and easiest way to make your cinderblock walls more attractive is to cover them with a cement finish. To do this, apply a layer of surface bonding cement over the cinderblock wall, using a trowel to smooth out the walls. Let the cement dry, and then paint the newly finished wall to your liking.


Spray the cinder block wall with a hose to rinse off most of the debris. Look for tough stains, damaged spots, and other issues you need to address. Spend time lifting stains with soap, trisodium phosphate, and other cleaners. Also, clear debris out of damaged spots and repair them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to repair a cinder block wall?

Repair your cinder block wall during the hottest time of day so you can work quickly. Patch smaller cracks or holes with concrete. Concrete is usually enough to bind together minor wall damage. If the cracks or holes don't take up the majority of the block or extend to more than a few blocks, try using concrete to fill in the damage.

How do you put mortar on cinder blocks?

Mix the mortar. Purchase a bag of pre-mixed mortar and pour it into a bucket or wheelbarrow. Add the required amount of water and stir it with a shovel until it has an even consistency. Let the mix sit for 3-5 minutes before applying it to the wall to let the mortar absorb moisture so it will stick to the cinder blocks better.

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