How To Haul Landscape Rock?


Use your hands to transport them in small batches or fill a bucket half-way and transfer the rocks with several trips. For large amounts, use a wheeled trashcan. Always lift with your legs and bend at the knees to guard your back from injury.


Contact local landscaping rock dealers, gravel companies or asphalt companies to offer the rocks. If landscaping rock dealers can’t pass the rocks on for other landscaping uses, the rocks can be made into smaller gravel pieces or used in asphalt. Haul the rocks to a landfill, and pay to dispose of the rocks by the pound, if required.

Rock Moving – How to Haul Large Rocks for Landscaping

How To Haul Big Rocks

Proof of concept Power Rock Rake

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you move landscape gravel?

  1. Scoop up the gravel using the shovel at an angle. ...
  2. Repeat this step and in this way, fill up the wheelbarrow. ...
  3. Hold the handle of the wheelbarrow and push a bit downside. ...
  4. Take the wheelbarrow to the destination and tilt the wheelbarrow on the front side. ...
  5. Repeat the same until you are done with moving all the gravels.

Can I haul gravel in a Uhaul trailer?

U-Haul trailers are designed to move household-type goods. ... Sand, dirt and gravel are even heavier, and require that you DO NOT load more than a maximum of four inches above the trailer floor. Every U-Haul trailer has an empty and maximum gross (fully loaded) weight labeled on the inside of the trailer at the front.

How do you move big rocks by yourself?

2:018:55How to move a large rock by Yourself, Simple - YouTubeYouTube

Why is it hard to move landscape rocks?

Moving landscape rocks is a challenge due to their size, weight and irregular shapes. If you're moving rocks yourself, the right tools and technique will prevent injury and enable you to set each rock precisely where you want it to go. Landscape rocks come in a wide range of sizes.

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