How To Hang Exterior Shutters On Stucco?


How do you install vinyl shutters on stucco?

  1. Measure and drill 1/4-inch holes in your shutter for your shutter locks or screws.
  2. Hold the shutter up next to the window in the location you desire.
  3. Drill through the stucco using a 1/4-inch masonry carbide drill bit.
  4. Hold the shutter over your holes.
  5. Things You Will Need.


How to Attach Shutters to Stucco Position a shutter bracket on the stucco wall at the manufacturer’s recommended height. Use either a 1/8-inch drill bit or a 1/4-inch masonry bit, depending on the structure your stucco covers. Push wall anchors into the pilot holes and tap them in place with a hammer.

Exterior Vinyl Shutter Installation

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Exterior Vinyl Shutter Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put shutters on stucco?

Secure shutters to stucco siding with wall anchors and screws. Shutters add a decorative touch to your home's exterior. Shutters mount easily to vinyl siding, but stucco requires a slightly different technique. Portland cement, water and sand mixed together form stucco.

How do you secure shutters to stucco?

Using metal screws with painted heads is an alternate method to install exterior shutters on all types of siding, stucco and masonry. Use a drill with a multi-purpose 11/64-inch bit to pre-drill holes through the shutter for the screws at each reference mark. Reposition the shutter on the wall.

What are shutter spikes?

What are shutter spikes? Shutters Spikes are made from the same material as the shutter: a plastic called Polypropylene. They have a button head finish and a serrated shank. Their only purpose is to fix external, decorative shutters to the wall.

Where should exterior shutters be placed?

In most cases, the height of decorative shutter that is most appropriate is from the top to the bottom of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window and you are installing vinyl shutters, it is important to leave a gap of at least 1/4 inch to allow the vinyl material to expand and contract.

How do you attach shutters to stucco siding?

Secure shutters to stucco siding with wall anchors and screws. Position a shutter bracket on the stucco wall at the manufacturer's recommended height. Place a level on the bracket and straighten it, if necessary. Use a pencil to mark the bracket's screw hole locations.

How to hang something from an outside stucco wall?

How to Hang Something From an Outside Stucco Wall. If necessary, switch to a wood bit to complete the hole. Drill about 1/8 inch deeper than the installation depth of the anchor. Fill each hole will silicone caulk. Insert an anchor into the hole and gently tap it flush to the wall surface with a hammer.

What kind of siding do you use for shutters?

Portland cement, water and sand mixed together form stucco. Stucco can cover either a masonry, brick or wooden home structure, so find out which type of building material your stucco covers before you begin this project. The building material determines how the shutters will be mounted to your stucco siding.

How can I get tape to stick to stucco?

Hold the object against the stucco for 10 seconds to make sure it sticks. Stucco is an uneven surface and can be stubborn and difficult for your tape to attach to. You’ll need to hold the object you wish to hang tight against the stucco for about 10 seconds to allow the tape to grip onto the ridges of the stucco.

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