How To Grow New Plants In Landscaping Fabric?


Cut a small X-shaped slit for each plant. Fold the edges of the slit under the fabric and plant the flower through the slit. Cover the landscape fabric with a 1 to 3 inch layer of bark or wood-chip mulch. The bark improves the bed’s appearance and protects the fabric from UV rays and damage, which prolongs its life.


  • Be sure to add the necessary plant food and fertilizer to your plant before laying the landscape fabric.
  • Smooth the ground after adding fertilizer to keep landscape fabric intact.
  • Edge your landscape area by digging 2 to 3 inches around the garden area or creating an inward slope to be sure water…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can plants grow through landscaping fabric?

Although landscape fabric initially does a wonderful job of suppressing weeds, as time goes on, it can become a maintenance nightmare. ... In this process you may end up damaging the root systems of your landscape plants too, as tree, shrub, and perennial roots may also grow through the landscape fabric.

How long does it take for landscape fabric to grow?

Even though landscape fabric doesn't contribute nutrients to the soil, is more expensive than organic mulches and requires more installation time, it can help combat weeds for at least five years. Mark the areas where you want to grow your plants with marking flags.

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