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Frequently Asked Questions

What plants go well with barberry?

Barberry combines well with sedums, junipers, ornamental grasses, yucca, and other drought tolerant plants that thrive in sun and well-drained soil.

How do you Group shrubs together?

Tips for Placing Shrubs

  1. Plant in Groups – don't just plant a collection of individual plants.
  2. Use Repetition – put the same plant in several spots, it brings harmony.
  3. Use Accents – upright or spreading, choose a variety of forms.
  4. Scatter the Planting – don't plant in rows, let sizes flow in and out.

Why are barberry bushes illegal?

It's already banned in New York, Maine, and Minnesota. That's partly because the plant could be bad for human health as well. It provides a haven for ticks that carry the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. Ticks prefer humid places, and a barberry provides a little humid shelter for them, she said.

Do barberry bushes spread?

Invasiveness. More and more, researchers are finding that this easy-to-grow shrub is taking over our native forests. The prolific berries these shrubs produce are being spread by birds and other animals and are starting to force out native plants.

Can a barberry plant be used as a hedge?

Create a natural hedge or privacy fence by planting barberry plants in a row. Barberry is a dense, thorny plant and creates an almost impenetrable barrier.

What kind of flowers do barberry plants have?

Many barberry varieties exist, offering a wide range of heights and widths as well as red, orange and yellow flowers. Barberries are available in evergreen and deciduous varieties, providing a choice of red, green or purple foliage.

How to use barberry in the landscape Monrovia?

Full sun. When you mix a red, yellow, golden, orange, or variegated barberry with greens, limes, silvers, or golds, you create the kind of color story that ends up on magazine covers. This one undulates through a thick stand of summer grasses, the leaves and branches contrasting with the fine foliage.

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