How To Get Rid Of Bees In Exterior Wall?


To exterminate them yourself, apply an insecticide powder or spray into the hive opening over a three week period. The first application will kill the flying bees but not the unhatched bees which are protected by wax coatings, thus the need for several applications of insecticide.


If the flight hole through which the bees enter and exit the wall is close to the nest, you can leave it open. Otherwise, you should caulk the flight hole and drill another hole just above the nest. For best results, drill this hole from the exterior wall of your house. This prevents the honeybees from escaping once you apply the Sevin dust.


How to Remove Bees From a Wall Without Even Touching the Bees

Best way to do honey bee trap out on a “wall”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of bees around my house siding?

  1. Locate the entrance through which the bees are entering your siding. ...
  2. Apply a professional-grade insect dust to the entrances you found. ...
  3. Dust the entrances using a duster or a homemade applicant, such as an empty bottle of Elmer's glue. ...
  4. Check the entrances after two to three days.

How can I get rid of bees in my siding?

When the bees are sleeping, squirt the powdered insecticide from the bottle at the entrance and exit points on the siding. Make sure to cover all the points, using the marks you used as a reminder. Spray the powder in the opening of the siding. If the entry point is close to the ground, squirt some powder on the ground.

What should I do if I have a Bee Hole in my wall?

Fill any existing cracks or depressions that may serve as starting points for bees to bore holes with wood filler or silicone caulk. Maintain exterior wooden surfaces by painting or varnishing regularly to prevent the bare, weathered appearance known to attract carpenter bees.

How can I get rid of a beehive in my house?

The first step towards removal of a beehive is spotting the nest. If you’ve just seen bees flitting in and out, but don’t really know where they are living, it’s obvious that you need to first find out where they are. Follow the bees as they enter your house. Alternatively, if you have some clue, you can tap the walls and listen closely.

What should you do if you see bees in Your House?

If you see bees, wasps, or yellow jackets going into a small hole in the side of your house or under the eaves, etc… but you can’t see their hive or nest, DO NOT SEAL UP THE HOLE! These insects will find a way out. They are good chewers and the drywall in your home is easy for them to chew through.

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