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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you FaceTime in landscape mode?

Can I FaceTime in landscape mode? Of course! You can do whatever you want! But it's important to note that the way your screen is set up, and the way you see your FaceTiming partner/they see you, is all set to function best and fit appropriately in portrait mode.

How do I rotate my screen on FaceTime?

How to Flip the FaceTime Camera

  1. During the FaceTime call, tap anywhere on the screen.
  2. A menu bar will slide up from the bottom. Tap the flip icon.
  3. Now the view has flipped from the screen-side camera to the rear-facing camera, and I can show my friend this nice lamp.

How do I make FaceTime landscape on Iphone?

Choose FaceTime→Video and then choose either Use Portrait or Use Landscape. Resize the video call window. You can make the video call window bigger by choosing Window→Zoom.

How do I fix my FaceTime orientation?

If you Side Switch is switched to lock the screen rotation, make sure you slide it up to unlock the rotation. If not, click the home button two times. Swipe to the left, and click the square with an arrow and lock. The screen should rotate now!

Why is my FaceTime video not rotating to landscap?

I turn my iPhone to landscape orientation, but the video shows on the TV in portrait orientation, and the video is rotated 90 degrees. I believe this to be a bug in either the AppleTV update or iOS 8. Anyone else have this issue?

How can I view a FaceTime call in full screen?

View a video call in full screen: Click the green button in the top-left corner of the FaceTime window, or click the Toggle Full Screen button . View a video call in a split screen: Press and hold the green button in the top-left corner of the FaceTime window, then choose Tile Window to Left of Screen or Tile Window to Right of Screen.

How can I change the orientation of FaceTime?

Change the orientation: Move the pointer over the picture-in-picture window, then click or , or rotate two fingers on your trackpad. The orientation changes for the other person, too. Temporarily hide the video call window: Click the yellow minimize button at the top of the FaceTime window.

Is there a wide screen app for FaceTime?

The Apple site touts a widescreen view in FaceTime but when I launch it the screen remains vertical and will only expand vertically. Do I have to download the App store app? It registers as available even though I opened the FaceTime Lion app and connected with my iPhone just fine.

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