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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change page size in Comic Life?

By default Comic Life is configured to show page that's suitable for the web. You can change the page size by choosing the "File->Page Format..." menu and picking a different Page Size in the popup menu: You can also adjust other page settings here including specifying a completely custom page size.

How do you submit pictures to Comic Life?

To add a picture to an image panel drag and drop it right over the panel you want it in. The picture will automatically resize to fill the the panel. Once an image is inside the panel you can resize and place it where you want it. Add your own text by double clicking on the elements.

How do you add pages in Comic Life?

Comic Life Magiq can create comics with many pages and there are many ways to add a page: To add a new blank page choose Insert > Blank Page from the menu. To add a page from the template drag one in from the template browser or choose a page from the Insert > Pages menu.

How do you crop a picture in Comic Life?

To simply crop the image drag any of the handles from the corner of the image. However, if the image is much larger than the Panel only part of the image will be displayed in the frame. (As this will take time you might prefer to create a new folder containing re-sized images.

How to make a comic page in comic life?

Quick Tutorial Creating a comic page in Comic Life is very simple - the user interface is laid out in just the way you need: 1. Choose a template. 2. Choose your images and drop each one on to a panel. 3. Add balloons and captions to the panels. 4. Add sound effects and a title. 5. You're done!

How to get started with comic life template chooser?

Getting To Know Comic Life Template Chooser (p3) Comic Life provides you with blank and pre-designed template options to help you get started on your project. If you see a style you like simply click on it and then click “Select”. If you’re still in the writing phase of your project you can open the Script template.

How do you resize a comic life image?

There is a momentary pause as Comic Life adds the image and fits it to the panel such that it completely fills the panel. You can adjust the position of the image by clicking and dragging on the visible part of the image. You can resize it by dragging the green resize handles that surround the image.

What can you do with the comic Life app?

Comic Life allows you to create page layouts with boxes for images and text. Styles can be applied to create just about any type of ‘feel’ for your document. Captions can be created with tails in order to have thought balloons, speech boxes or just additional annotations.

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