How To Fix Chipped Exterior Paint?


How to Repair Flaking Paint

  1. Using a scraper, wire brush, or 80 to 100-grit sandpaper, remove any loose or peeling paint from the damaged area. …
  2. Using a putty knife, apply a thin layer of patching material to the damaged area. …
  3. Use 220-grit sandpaper to smooth the patched area and make it even with the surface.


How To: Fix Chipped Paint

  • Step 1 Fill Surface Using a putty knife, scoop out some Ready Patch and smooth it over the surface of the crater left by…
  • Step 2 Sand Smooth Ready Patch will be ready for sanding in anywhere from just a few minutes for small patches to an…
  • Step 3 Prime & Paint

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you touch up paint chips?

Clean the paint chip with soap and water and then dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Rub a dab of automotive polishing compound over the paint chip to gently soften any ragged edges. Pro tip: Just a dozen swirls or so will do the job. Too much rubbing could damage the clearcoat over the paint and make a cloudy mess.

What can I use to fix flaked paint on Wall?

The next step in fix or repairing your flaked paint is treating the recently spackled area with a little sandpaper. Use 150-grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface area that once contained your unsightly paint chips. By applying a primer to the surface you’ve readied the spackling compound for painting.

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