How To Fit Exterior French Doors?



  • Step 1: Begin by Framing the Opening and Sealing It. Remember to seal the doorframe carefully to protect your home from…
  • Step 2: Screw in the Balcony Doorframe. Drill the mounting hole with an impact drill and a wooden or stone bit. Then,…
  • Step 3: Seal and Foam the Gaps. You will need to seal and foam the gaps between the…

How To Install French Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rough opening a French door?

To correctly determine the size of a rough opening for double or French doors, measure the size of each door. To get the total width, multiply the width of each door by 2 and add 2 inches. So if each door measures 30 inches wide, the width of the rough opening should be 62 inches.

What's the best way to fit a French door?

Use the smallest measurement in each case. When deciding which size of French doors to buy, deduct 10mm from your final height and width measurements to allow for accurate plumb and square fitting into the aperture. Spacers and filler can then be used to secure the frame into place and fill any gaps. Check that your brick opening is not a helix.

How does a French door on a patio work?

French outswing patio doors have the specialized outswing hinges which don’t allow themselves to be disassembled by a crook with a screwdriver. The space required to use the door as it swings open is transferred from the inside room to the outside, on the patio the door gives access to.

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