How To Fish Wire Down An Exterior Wall?


Tape the wire you want to fish up the wall to the end of one of the rods. Shove it up the hole you’ve drilled in the bottom plate of the wall. Work it around a bit, moving toward the side of the wall that the fixture goes on. It’ll go easier if it’s not going through the middle of the insulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to fish wire through a wall?

You’ll need a paddle magnet and wire leader magnet for this technique. Attach the cable you’re fishing to the wire leader, which has a hook for the wire with a strong magnet. You can then push the leader with the attached cable toward the side of the wall with the opening.

How do you run electrical wire through fish tape?

Place electrical tape over the end of the fish tape eye and wire. You are now ready to pull the wire through the hole. In the instance of a pull wire, you'll have to make your own eye on the end in order to attach the wire to be pulled.

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