How To Finish Exterior Door Trim?


Apply the construction adhesive, hold the side casing in place, and hammer in finishing nails every 6-8 inches or so, and sink them with the hammer and another nail. Fill the nail holes with caulk and wipe with a damp paper towel. Then, caulk the new trim to the house and door jamb, and fill the mitered edges. Wipe for a smooth, clean finish.

How to trim out a funky door, finish unfinished exterior door. Easy! How to Home Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you finish a door frame with trim?

Place the cut piece of trim above the door jamb and test the fit. Once you have gotten it to fit well, you will secure the board. Use a nail gun to nail the head moulding piece to the door jamb with trim nails. Use 3d or 4d nails every 12 inches along the bottom, and 6d or 8d nails along the top of the moulding piece.

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