How To Find Studs Behind Exterior Siding?


The best way to find a stud while working on on the outside (whether brick, siding or stone) is to use an electronic stud finder. Place the stud finder at the edge of the exterior siding. Walk very slowly along the exterior siding while holding the stud finder.

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5 genius ways to find studs in a wall… without a stud finder!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to find a stud in siding?

For solid cladding, such as stucco or brick, your best bet is to locate the studs inside the house and then transfer the measurements to the exterior wall. Beside above, how do you find a stud in metal siding? If you have gaps around the outlet box, use a long nail or knife blade to locate the stud on either side of the box.

How do you get studs out of vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is fairly easy to find studs behind primarily because they make a tool for unlocking vinyl siding pieces from each other its called a zip tool or side swipe vinyl removal tool. They are inexpensive and fit into the interlocking seam on the vinyl, apply a little downward pressure and then zip along the seam separating the two pieces.

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