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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you weatherproof a dog door?

Winterizing a Dog Door

  1. Use silicone caulk to close any air gaps and holes.
  2. Add weatherstripping around the door frame.
  3. Add magnets to the bottom of door so the flaps stay in place to help reduce heat loss.
  4. Reinforce flimsy door flaps with industrial plastic curtain material.
  5. Add a second door flap if you only have one.

Can you put a dog flap in a wall?

Fitting a dog flap through a single brick wall or a cavity wall requires a tunnel liner. Our kit has a tunnel liner which is cut to size to fit the dog door outer frame. The tunnel is provided in a 300mm length which needs to be cut to size to fit the depth of the wall during installation.

Can you put a dog door in Crimsafe?

Fortunately, Crimsafe screen doors are pet-friendly. ... Unlike most screen doors, Crimsafe screens are constructed using a patented screw clamp design.

Can you put a pet door on a wall?

However, unless you are installing in a sliding glass door, installing a flap pet door in an interior or exterior door can wreck your door frame. That's why dog doors for walls are a great home improvement idea—a hole in your wall being easier to amend if you decide to remove the pet door later down the line.

What's the best way to install a doggie door?

Choose the area between wall studs and the place free from plumbing and electrical wiring. Make a use of the marks to draw a horizontal line. Take a jigsaw to form the opening of the door by cutting through the interior and exterior walls. For installation of the door, you can draw a rectangle with the dimensions.

How long does it take to install a pet door?

4 easy steps. Pet doors install in minutes and give you years of independance and convenience. Installing a pet door is easy with a little do-it-yourself knowledge. Trace the pet door outline using the template. Remove the door from its hinges. Cut the hole in the door. Install the pet door frame and flap.

How big does a pet door need to be for a cat?

Measuring Your Pet. Most pet doors fit small and large dogs and cats. Cat doors are designed for cats but can fit some small dogs. Extra large door flaps might be too heavy for cats or small dogs to push open. Measure each pet who will use the door and check the weight and height recommendations for each pet door.

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