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Frequently Asked Questions

How to export radgrid as a PDF document?

This help article discuss different techniques which allow you to modify RadGrid when exporting to PDF .Following is a list with the content of this article. Note that RadGrid will render as an XHTML table and will convert that table to a PDF document. That requires that the rendered grid output is valid XHTML.

How to export Telerik Web UI grid to PDF?

The approach is very straightforward - to export the grid content to PDF format simply use the ExportToPdf () server-side method. You can configure the exporting settings for the grid through the RadGrid.ExportSettings section. Also there is additional sub-category ( Pdf) dedicated on various configuration settings for the exported .pdf document.

How to switch to landscape in Telerik web forms?

You can easily switch to Landscape by modifying the PageWidth / PageHeight properties manually. The reason for having separate OnPdfExporting event is that by the time the OnGridExporting event is raised, the Pdf output is already generated and ready for adding to the response.

Why does radgrid do not export external styles?

RadGrid does not export any external styles. That means that your skins will not appear in the generated file. Still, the inline styles are preserved and should be used instead. Different approaches could be used depending where RadGrid will rebind before export (when IgnorePaging is set to true or when you rebind manually).

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