How To Drill Through Bathroom Wall Tile?


Place the drill bit inside the guide plate, and gently begin to drill into the tile for 2-3 seconds. After creating this shallow hole, submerge the drill bit in a cup cold water to cool it down. Repeat this process for any other holes. Once the drill bit is cool, return to the tile and drill into the shallow hole for 5-8 seconds.

How to drill through a cermic wall tile. Fix all your bathroom and kitchen bits to the wall.

How to Drill Through Tiles Without Cracking Them

How To Drill Tiles Without Breaking Them – Porcelain and Ceramic

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the drill bit attached to the tile?

The drill bit is clamped securely into the drill guide by tightening the retaining screws as shown above. The clamp (with drill bit wedged in position) is then placed onto the tile so that the drill lines up with the marks previously made on the tile.

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