How To Do A Landscape Design Consultation?


When you consult a landscape designer, you will have a discussion or interview about the project. Usually, the designer will show up at your home, look at the yard, take photos, and ask about preferences in plants, garden maintenance, budget, etc. The designer will then create a plan view drawing and plant list.

How To Take a Photo for a Landscape Design Consultation?

ASMR Landscape Design Consultation | Personal Attention

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a landscape consultant do?

Landscaping consultants undergo extensive education and training prior to officially obtaining their professional titles. Their main responsibility is to map out and design the land elements and features around homes, buildings, highways, recreational facilities, parks and other facilities.

How much does a consultation with garden supply cost?

Having been in the business for 2 decades, Garden Supply has the knowledge and experience to help our customers reach their vision to beautify their landscape. The cost of an on-site consultation is $165. If you choose to use our install services a $100 credit will be applied with a $500 minimum in labor. A consult entails:

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