How To Disassemble A Jeld Wen Exterior Door?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Jeld-Wen exterior door so good?

Strong, durable, and stylish, JELD-WEN ® steel exterior doors offer safety and security, with a broad selection of designs for residential and commercial use. Featuring galvanized steel facings, they are factory-primed for easy finishing and have mitered top corners to prevent water absorption. An epoxy-primed back panel prevents corrosion.

What's the best way to fix a door frame?

Unscrew hinges and lay them on the edge of the door, lining up with the pencil marks. Draw around the hinge. Chisel out the middle to the same depth as hinge flap. Check hinge fits flush and fix with one (centre) screw per hinge. Support the door on wedges and fix hinge flaps to the door frame.

Do you have to replace the door frame before fitting an external door?

Before fitting an external door, you must first decide whether you are going to replace the door slab only, or if you are going to replace both the door and frame as this will affect whether you require permission from Building Control. If you are replacing both the door and the frame, you are required to either:

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