How To Decorate Exterior Brick Wall?


Add wood accents and greenery around it. To emphasize the natural element of the brick, surround it with even more of nature. Incorporate wood accents like picture frames, shelves, ladders, headboards and side tables (Hint: Darker wood looks amazing against brick!). And to top it off, surround the wall with plenty of greenery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an external brick wall look nice?

9 Ways to Jazz Up a Dull Exterior Brick Wall

  1. Clean it. “Giving it a good clean is definitely the cheapest way to improve its appearance,” says Rebecca Caldwell, director at Maytree Studios. ...
  2. Re-grout it. ...
  3. Reimagine it. ...
  4. Bag it. ...
  5. Enhance the surrounding features. ...
  6. Pretty up the landscaping. ...
  7. Conceal it. ...
  8. Paint it.

What should I do with a brick wall outside my house?

Make the brick wall outside convey the meaning of the inside. You can make the exterior design as creative as possible; therefore people are intriguing to know what your interior would be. Be confident with the ideas, there are no wrong idea. Apply it with the perfect strategy that can expose the wall.

How to add color to an exposed brick wall?

5 Easy Ways to Accent Your Exposed Brick Wall. 1 1. Use open-backed shelving in front of it. Just because the wall is gorgeous by itself doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of its available square ... 2 2. Lean large accents against it. 3 3. Add pops of color to it. 4 4. Add wood accents and greenery around it. 5 5. Paint it.

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