How To Cut Exterior Sliding?


Mark the line you want to cut on the siding with a pencil. Use a carpenter’s square to draw the line straight. Make the line as dark as possible so it’s visible when you’re cutting it. If you’re cutting dark vinyl siding, use chalk or light-colored tape to mark the line you want to cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to cut metal siding?

Place a stepladder so one edge of the horizontal line is easy to reach. Slide the bottom blade of the power shears beneath the metal siding. Cut along the horizontal line until the opposite side is reached. You may have to stop and move the ladder to complete the cut.

How big of a line do you cut off siding?

The total is how much you'll need to cut off the siding. For example, if the section of wall you're covering is 5 inches (13 cm) tall, and the siding is 12 inches (30 cm) tall, you'll need to cut off 7 inches (18 cm) from the siding. Use a pencil to mark the line you want to cut on the siding.

Do you have to cut through metal siding to install a door?

Metal siding covers the surface of many homes and outbuildings. Homeowners may opt to install a new door in a new location for numerous reasons, such as an addition or remodeling on the interior of the building. Installing a new door in a new location requires cutting through the siding to create the door opening.

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