How To Cut An Exterior Door And Frame To Size?

Cut a Door—The Goof-Proof Way

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cut down a fiberglass exterior door?

Some fiberglass doors can't be trimmed at all. Others can be trimmed only along the top and bottom. Even doors that can be planed on all four sides usually can't be trimmed by more than half an inch on each edge. It can crack.

What's the best way to cut a door frame?

Cut the jamb pieces with a circular saw to fit the new opening. If you've narrowed the opening, cut the top jamb and rabbet the end you cut with a router and a 1/2-inch rabbeting bit.

How big of a piece of wood do you need to trim a door?

Most manufactures have a piece of wood on the bottom of the door which allows the door to be trimmed to size. The size of this depends upon the manufacture. A good rule of thumb is there is a 1″ piece of wood in place. If you have to cut larger than that, you could ruin the door, but again there are tricks to that.

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